A Little Snippet Of Information…….

We are always being asked the question - where do you source your products & why do you choose old over new?

The answer is simple!

We have always had a passion for items that you can’t just walk into a shop & buy off the shelf.

Every vintage piece is carefully cleaned and sometimes restored, sometimes not.

It purely depends on the condition & aesthetics of the item & whether we want to keep it in true character or tizz it up.

Our products are sourced world wide & of course here in Australia.

We try to package using recycled boxes, cardboard & the like.

Always hunting down large stores ‘throw aways’ which would only end up in landfill.

This can be challenging with glassware but whenever possible we are mindful to tread lightly & use packaging that can break down quickly.

It gives is great pleasure to see something that’s been around for over 100 years continue to be enjoyed today!

Till next time x 

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